What to Expect

Once you have made initial contact with the service I will call you to arrange our first appointment.  During this call I will usually ask you a few brief questions as to identify the type of assistance you require and to make sure the service is right for you.  I will also answer any questions you have about the service. 

Our first session allows me the opportunity to get to know you and to explore in detail the nature of your problem, however we will only discuss topics you feel comfortable talking about.  You will also be given information on your rights and responsibilities, confidentiality and on record keeping.

Subsequent appointments will take a more relaxed pace as we settle in to working together.  Throughout therapy we narrow in on the topics and problems you want to address, while I provide suggestions based on my knowledge of evidence-based therapies to help reduce distress and help you achieve your goals.

Effective therapy creates a space that allows you to explore your emotions openly.  This can occur at anytime during the therapy process often commencing on your first appointment.  Therapy can be difficult at times however I will ensure you are well supported throughout the process.